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Leading provider of Electrical, Instrumentation & Mechanical Safety Labeling, Identification & Digitalization Solutions.

Laser & Labeling Systems

On-site Industrial Engraving & Printing Sytems

  • Industrial Laser Engraver Systems with digital coding software
  • Industrial Printer Systems with digital coding software
  • Hand Held Portable Printers

Supporting Products

  • Printable Heat Shrink 
  • Printable Industrial Labels 
  • Cable Markers
  • Valve Tags
  • Flexible Cable Markers
  • Phenolic Sheets
  • Stainless Steel and Nylon Cable Ties
  • Stainless Steel and Nylon RFID Cable Ties 

Bespoken Products & Services

  • Engraved Labels, Signs & Plates
  • Pre-print Services
  • Vinyl and Adhesived Safety Labels

RFID Tagging Options

RFID Tags for

  • OIl and Gas

Including down-hole and sub-sea - up to 50,000 psi

  • Corrosive Chemicals

Teflon-encapsulated, in-line inspection, including "pigging"

  • Construction 

Embedded in tools and road surfaces, (concrete, asphalt, wood, plastic, metal)